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The perfect griddle for whipping up breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner; anywhere, anytime.


3-Burner Plancha

With the Nexgrill 3-Burner Plancha, you get one large griddle with 3 burners and plenty of space to fry everything from fish and meat to various vegetables, omelets, fried eggs, bacon, fried rice, etc. Only your imagination is the limit to what you can cook on the 3-Burner Plancha, which impresses with its strong and easy-to-clean roasting plate in enameled cast iron and an output of 7 kW.
3-Burner Plancha
3-Burner Plancha
3-Burner Plancha
3-Burner Plancha
Before you get started

Get to know your Nexgrill

You can easily start preparing breakfast or one of the other meals of the day, as the Plancha has electronic ignition and the heat can also be optimally adjusted with each burner's control knob. The 3-Burner Plancha is equipped with a removable grease cup, where excess grease can drain into, making for a quick and easy cleanup.

  • Feature One

    Removable Grease Cup

    Easy-to-clean grease collection system

  • Feature Two

    Push & Turn Ignition System

    Fire up the main burners with 3 burners with electronic ignition and each control knob to adjust the heat

  • Feature Three

    Cast Iron Enameled Griddle Top

    Durable cooking surface provides long-term performance, easy cleaning, and an overall enhanced cooking experience

  • Feature Four

    Stainless Steel Lid

    The lid also acts as a shield against wind and grease that can splash up while grilling

Model No. 820-0055CB

Tech Specs